Scenes you've never seen

So you think you know the Hutt...

Too often we go about our day with our blinkers on, missing the magical moments around us. We are here to remind you to purposely go out of your way to make memories. 

Set yourself up with a morning ritual worthy of making a gif out of.

Don't race up the firebreaks just to get back down as quickly as possible like you usually do. Rise before the sun and climb to the top to catch the sky change into shades of pink. Take a moment to stretch, breathe and appreciate the view of the Valley from the Te Whiti Firebreak.

Find your view of the Valley.

Rivers didn't carve their way through this Earth just to be looked at.

Be daring, cliff jump, back flip, gear up and take on the rapids. Wellington Rafting have created a totally new adventure in Kaitoke with their white water rafting trips. Covering 10km of river through untouched nature, experience Upper Hutt differently.

Eat differently this week, dabble in the dinky take-away stores down the side streets.

Are you one of those people that always orders the same food from the same place every. single. time.? Take our advice and swap the KFC for Gerrys Charcoal Chicken, an Upper Hutt favourite!

Gerrys Charcoal Chicken

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