Rack off

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping

Tell your peers what you really think... passive aggressively... and with a mug from Wanda Harland. 

On a serious note, it'll be hard to leave without buying a new item for your wardrobe - their clothes are amazing and ethically made.

Upper Hutt has cute boutique stores ...you're shocked, we know. 

Wild Rose is one of our favourites, tell the girls.

There's nothing like a new outfit to put a spring in your step. This gorgeous boutique is goodness both in name and in style, housing their own label plus selected designer collections from here and abroad.

Peep the coffee machine in the photo? Goodness Boutique have their very own Gorgeous Cafe in store to keep you zinging while you shop.

Nothing haunts you like the clothes you didn't buy.

So you care about the planet, love shopping and have a bit of free time ... well get your thrift loving bottom to the Hutt Valley and visit our op shops.

P.S. these three thrifted their clothes from the Red Cross Shop and SaveMart in Upper Hutt. 

You can't buy quality, oh wait... yes you can!
Humble & Grand

That outfit... to die for. But not at designer prices! 

Donate your unbranded items and instead, stock your wardrobe (or your rapidly growing floordrobe) with Gucci, Versace, Tommy Hilfiger and any other designer label you can think of at Repeats.

No one but us will know it's second hand... Unless you're like us and wear our thrift finds like a badge of honour.

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