Hutt River Trail

The 29km Hutt River Trail is an easy scenic walk or cycle path


Lower Hutt


Hutt Riverbank Car Park, Rutherford Street

Running alongside the Hutt River from Hikoikoi Reserve, Petone to Birchville, Upper Hutt, the 29km Hutt River Trail is an easy scenic walk and cycle path.

It also allows access to the river for swimming, fishing and kayaking. Predominantly flat, the Hutt River Trail offers very easy tracks and pathways suitable for biking, walking, and pushchairs.

The Trail runs the entire length of the eastern riverbank. There are trails on all but three sections of the western side to provide shorter loops between bridges.

Along the way you will find four golf courses, swimming holes, trout fishing spots, play grounds, shopping, a campground at either end, and various parks and reserves on the banks of the river.

A Day on the Hutt River Trail

8am - Admire eclectic decor while eating breakfast at Seashore Cabaret.

9:42am - Park up and train from Petone to Upper Hutt. Grab an e-bike to make today cruisy.

10:30am - Ride a vintage steam train and learn about the Hutt Valleys historic train lines.

11:30am - Race each other down the flying foxes at Avalon Park.

1pm - Relax with a late lunch at Janus Bakkerij.

2:30pm - Create your own art in The Hive, a cosy family lounge at The Dowse Art Museum.

3:45pm - Reward yourselves with coffee, ice-cream and a slice of chocolate cake at Zany Zeus.

4:30pm - Play nine basket disc golf at Hikoikoi Park.

6:30pm - Dine at one of 65+ eateries in 800m along Jackson St, Petone.

Detour to

  • The River Anduin from The Lord of the Rings is a section of the Hutt River between Moonshine Bridge and Poet's Park. Don your elf ears and set off for your destiny just like the Elves did.
  • A bit hot? Stop for a swim at Taita Rock, Huia Pool or H2O Xtream.
  • Quench your thirst with a freshly brewed beverage at Brewtown.
  • Aim for a hole-in-one at mini golf or foot golf at the Golf Warehouse and Driving Range.
  • Head up the Te Whiti Riser for views over the Valley and Wellington Harbour.
  • Take a break in the shade at Percy Scenic Reserve waterfall and head into weta cave to meet the local creepy crawlies. 

Awa means river and kairangi translates to esteemed or precious. Local Māori refer to the it as "river full of good food" and "the source of life".

What's in a name: Hutt Valley's origins

Bike The Trail

Follow the flow of the river on this annual 25km or 12km family bike event along the Hutt River Trail, with a free shuttle taking you back to your car afterwards.

Park Run

Feel like a challenge? Join the free Park Run every Saturday, starting 100m north of Ewen Bridge. The course is 5km long and predominantly on sealed stopbank path.

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