Adventure and adrenaline at Brewtown

It was lads vs ladies - one action-packed experience after another at Daytona Raceway in Brewtown, Upper Hutt

Local ‘test pilots’ Taylor, Oliver and Ryan took on their fe-mates Charlotte and Manuela at Hutt Valley’s newest fun palace, Daytona Raceway at Brewtown, Upper Hutt. 

First out of the grid, of course, was a big old blast of go-karting. While Taylor reckoned he had this in the bag, there was some pretty tough competition - with Charlotte and the boys pushing each lap to the limit. Even the full-face helmets couldn’t hide the thrill on their faces as they drifted corners, revved the straights and fought over every inch.

Ice skating offered hilarious thrills and spills… with a few lads cooling their jets and their bums on the ice while Charlotte (literally) skated circles around everyone in the rink! The baby seals got a lot of love from those wanting to take things easy or needing a little support.

But as the action met the alley, it was Quinny who stepped up with some flash-as styles… doing a big pro leg-slide as he fired his ball down for the first strike of the night! With a very clear win ahead, the runners up let him do his thing, while they enjoyed a few good laughs and trick shots with the neon coloured balls. 


Can’t believe they had so many great activities in there!


And then it was ‘bounce-a-clock’… hitting the trampoline park, where Charlotte and Manuela settled for a good few somersaults and flips, while the boys attempted to fulfill their slam dunk dreams with a bit of vertical assistance.

To end the night off with a Huttload of bang, last stop was paintball. After a multi-stop day of competitive frustrations, it was time to let them all out! There was much spraying, much action and no clear winner - with all parties coming out impressively covered in brightly coloured ‘combat badges’. Taylor sported a great ‘splotch’ right across the face!

All in all, it was a jam-packed day of big action, big laughs and big fun. With the team left feeling exhausted it was clearly time for cold brews and comfy seats that the rest of Brewtown had to offer.



A day of adventures means a hungry tummy, grab your favourite treats from nearby Brewtown eateries. 

Grab a bite at Brewtown

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