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Locals, craft brewers and pure water lovers keep the taps busy at Te Puna Wai Ora day and night.

In 1840 the first settlers to Wellington landed at Petone. Initially they sourced their water from the Hutt River but soon became aware of the pure artesian water that lay beneath them. Since then the pure artesian water beneath the Hutt Valley has provided residents with clean drinking water.

Te Puna Wai Ora - meaning the spring of life - is a sculpture created by artist Louise Purvis and is in two parts. The tall stack of vessels serves as a marker and is a fountain, water cascades down its curvaceous form and sparkles in the sun. The single vessel on a pedestal has taps around it where you can fill up your bottles with pure artesian water (underground pressurised).

As it is a public water supply the water is UV filtered for that extra assurance of safety.