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Autumn adventures

Crisp days and golden leaves mixed with plenty of indoor adventure for the whole family.

Poto Reserve lookout
Poto Reserve
Frosty Spot
Frosty Spot

A ready-made day out

9:00am -  Explore Poto Reserve and find the lookout

11:00am - practice bikes skills at Stratton St or at Harcourt Park

12:30pm - take a picnic made locally to the park or beach

2:00pm - hang upside down at HangDog Indoor Rock Climbing 

3:30pm - grab a crazy milkshake from Grind Coffee Lounge. Unicorn poop is a local favourite

4:30pm - catch a movie at one of three cinemas

9:00am - grab a headlamp to explore Percy Scenic Reserve Weta Cave and carry on up the track for the waterfall which looks especially dramatic after a rainy day

10:30am - see who can bowl spares and strikes at Strike Entertainment

12:00pm - enjoy lunch and a treat at Cake and Kitchen

1:30pm - Check out the latest exhibition at Expressions.

3:00pm - sample different icecream flavours at Zany Zeus because these are good all year round

4:00pm - carve up the ice at Frosty Spot Ice Rink

Percy Scenic Reserve water wheel
Percy Scenic Reserve water wheel

Hunt treasure year-round

Explore, navigate and find places you never knew existed! Download the free Geocaching app and head outdoors, decode the hints and follow the GPS on your phone to find the prize. The geocaches come in many different shapes, sizes and difficulties but it won't take long before you're telling each other 'Found it!'. Some are hidden in plain sight, so keep your eyes peeled and whits sharp. 

You'll see codes dotted throughout the app, to get you started we've given you a hint to find the small geocache at Percy’s Flour Mill - otherwise known as the water wheel at Percy Reserve.
"1fg zvpeb pnpur vf haqre gur jnyxjnl arne jngrejurry, ba jngrejurry fvqr."
Code key: (letter above equals below, and vice versa)


Warning - this is addictive!

Hidden creatures

From seals to weta, the Hutt Valley has a treasury of hidden creatures for you to find. Explore Orongorongo Valley where over 120 wild kiwi roam, cuddle with guinea pigs at Staglands, spot our ancient dinosaur at Matiu Somes Island and keep an eye on Colin the T-Rex at Avalon Park.

Please remember, these are living things. Always act respectfully and carefully around them. Never approach a seal and if you see a kiwi or tuatara, never attempt to touch or catch it.
Take photos and make memories, leave only footprints.

Percy Scenic Reserve picnic
Percy Scenic Reserve
Disc golf Harcourt Park
Disc golf at Harcourt Park

An ultimate Hutt picnic

Reward the family after a hard days exploring with a hamper filled with yummy locally made goodies and enjoy earlier sunsets at Days Bay or lush forest parks followed by a short walk or a run around the playground.

Plus more

Play a round of disc golf at Hikoikoi or Harcourt Parks.

Scratch Ted the Pony behind the ear.

Create art at Alfred Memelink Artspace.

Chill out at the Dowse family lounge or in the cafe of Expressions.

Grab a school holiday voucher book from Upper Hutt i-SITE.