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Not keen to cycle to work, but still want to be a part of Bike the Hutt? 
Interested in efficiency and recycling, especially when it’s taken to an almost post-apocalyptic level? 
Keen to experience the mundane thrill of your daily grind while also panting and sweating? 

Well, now, thanks to Bike the Hutt you can cycle while you work!
Sign up and be a part of an art installation that’s toured the world, and spend half an hour trying to power all the equipment you need to work, while working.

Nag is a self-powered art studio, built entirely of recycled materials. Old washing machines, vintage racing bicycles, record players, valve amplifiers, demolition timber, and some very clever wiring come together to create an erratic and exhausting work space, where you can do all the work you would be doing anyway, but while riding a vintage racing bicycle to power everything you need as you do so. Laptops, printers, wifi, lighting, everything. The more power you use, the harder you have to pedal.

It’s both an exercise in foolishness and a demonstration of how little energy the human body can actually produce.

Sign up for a 30-minute slot and you’ll be guided through the (mildly exhausting) experience of having your daily grind become (an even more exhausting) type of art. Office workers, artists, designers, writers, planners, architects, accountants, Nag can work with you all.  

This installation has powered everything from a Wikipedia-a-thon through stages at festivals worldwide to a Manhattan recording session for The Clean.