Local shopping delivered

Local retail businesses who are delivering to the front door of your 'bubble'.

We want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who is going the extra mile in lockdown and following health guidlines. Thanks also to any one who orders for their patience in systems or timing as many businesses adapt to new ways of working :)

stansborough mill woollen blanket close up

Stansborough Mill

Keep warm with woollen eco-textiles made the old-fashioned way in Petone.

Dwights Outdoors

A family owned business, Dwights can provide you with insulated jackets, rainwear and thermals. 

Cartridge World

For all your activities at home that need printing - cartridgeworld.co.nz

Switch Your Spend

Switch Your Spend lets you choose where 50% of the profits from your essential everyday purchases goes to. Products include soap, detergent, tooth brushes, and much more. 

100% Newbolds 

Owned and run by locals, Newbolds Upper Hutt will deliver your winter essentials right to your door. Reconditioned appliances are also available through Newbolds Secondhand

Sweet Escape 

Sweet Escape Bath and Beauty deliver luxury soaps, hand sanitiser and shower streamers to your door. 

stock woman in kitchen CREDIT One Shot from Pexels
Petone Beach Chris Costleys dog on a leash

The Natural Pet Shop

Quality dog products to direct to your door at topdogdirect.co.nz

The Pet Centre

Supplies for your best friend be it canine, feline or aquatic - thepetcentre.co.nz

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