One hell of a weekend

Yes, you really can spend a whole weekend in the Hutt Valley

Grind Upper Hutt boys drinking milkshakes CREDIT Roady NZ

Hey Roscoe here, Hutt Valley local and tour guide. Well, not really but I want to tell you all about an epic weekend I had with the crew, right here at home.

Battling the rapids

We heard a cheeky rumour that you can go white water rafting in Upper Hutt. So we called up Hamish from Wellington Rafting (who confirmed the rumour is true) and headed out to Kaitoke.

We rafted, cliff jumped and floated along 10km of Te Awa Kairangi (the Hutt river), only stopping the action halfway for a hot chocolate and a ham sammy, lovingly made by Hamish. It was a rush!

We're not drooling, you're drooling!

After we got off the river, Gerrys was calling. If you don’t know, Gerrys Charcoal Chicken is Upper Hutt’s iconic roast house. Their chicken and chips are the salt of the earth and paired with a milkshake from Grind Coffee Lounge, I knew the boys would be impressed.

Grind Upper Hutt Nani pointing to milkshakes CREDIT Roady NZ
Gerrys Charcoal Chicken Upper Hutt eating roasts CREDIT Roady NZ
Mt Climie Upper Hutt boys walking along track CREDIT Roady NZ
Mt Climie Upper Hutt boys walking along track CREDIT Roady NZ
Mt Climie Upper Hutt boys at top of track CREDIT Roady NZ

Take a hike

I remember venturing up Mt Climie as a kid and while we were in Upper Hutt, I thought, why not reminisce. I forgot how long it takes to get to the top, the 1.5 hours was worth the view though. Rolling hills all around and views of the valley, the Wairarapa and the south island... you can’t beat it.

Brewtown Upper Hutt single beer ing hand CREDIT Roady NZ

After our descent, it was beer-o'clock and there was only one place we had in mind. I bet you can guess where.

Wellington's craft beer village

The early bird gets the worm

We were keen to do some cycling so we got up, stopped for a coffee from Miss Fortune's (mean spot!) and hired some bikes from Wildfinder to cycle out to Pencarrow. After all of yesterday’s activities we opted for the e-bikes.

We rode along the coast to the Pencarrow Lighthouses, the hidden Pencarrow Lakes and up to the Bluff Point lookout. We cycled 10 minutes past the turn off to Bluff Point and discovered an old shipwreck, it was pretty awesome.

Pencarrow Lower Hutt boys cycling CREDIT Roady NZ
Miss fortunes Lower Hutt breakfast bagel CREDIT Roady NZ v2

Miss Fortune's do the tastiest breakfast bagel.

Broaden your cafe horizons

Who said men can't platter?

The girls wanted to pack a picnic and head up Butterfly creek for the sunset. So naturally we grabbed the best of the best picnic snacks from Marmalade in Eastbourne.

Transform your platter game 

Butterfly creek Lower Hutt platter nibbles CREDIT Roady NZ
Butterfly creek Lower Hutt boys at the top of butterfly creek CREDIT Roady NZ
The Still Room Lower Hutt boys drinking beer CREDIT Roady NZ


Dinner and drinks at the Still Room did not disappoint.

The Still Room

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