Indy's first trip to Upper Hutt

Hannah, Ash and Indy headed over the Haywards and into the Valley, a breath of fresh air from their busy lives as a young family

Ashley Graham Upper hutt Walking Kaitoke CREDIT Ashley Graham

Hi, my name's Hannah! I'm a nurse, mother, partner and lover of all things nature and food. I live in Kapiti with my partner Ash who is a musician (Ashley Alexander, check him out) and our 4 month old, Indy.

We were well over due for a family outing, we wanted to go somewhere a bit different but not too far from home. So we grabbed the camera and punched Kaitoke into Google Maps.

Dough Upper Hutt lunch lamb sandwiches CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency
Dough Upper Hutt view of counter CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency
Dough Upper Hutt Indy and Ash CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency

After all our hiking, stone skipping and geeking out over Rivendell, it was time for a good coffee. I saw on Facebook that Pickle and Pie (one of my favs) had just opened Dough Bakery in Upper Hutt.

We jumped in the car and made tracks.

Dough was super cute. The cabinet was full of yummy treats and we ended up getting two lamb sammys to go with our coffees. Indy was eyeing up our lemon coconut cake - wait til you're on solids boy!

I used to love feeding the ducks as a kid. One of the ladies at Dough suggested we go to Heretaunga Park - she even gave us a few crusts to feed to the ducks. Indy loved it but I think I had more fun.

Heretaunga Park Upper Hutt duck feeding CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency
Heretaunga Park Upper Hutt bird life CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency
Heretaunga Park Upper Hutt Hannah feeding ducks CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency
Brewtown Upper Hutt Indy standing on table CREDIT Alexanders Art Agency

We stopped in at Brewtown on the way home, best way to end such a fun day!

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