Explore your own backyard they said...

Follow Matt and Sam around the Hutt Valley as they become tourists in their own neighbourhood

Butterfly Creek Eastbourne bathing in trees CREDIT Matt Burton

Hi I'm Matt, my fiancé Sam and I love travelling (you'll often find me following her around with a camera in tow). We've climbed Machu Picchu, skied in Nagano and snorkeled around Denarau Island. With all the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we decided to become tourists in our own neighbourhood to get our travel fix.

Our anniversary is coming up so we popped into Rawson Brothers Jewellery shop in Upper Hutt for a look around when we spotted Dave Rawson crafting away at his workbench. With blowtorch in hand, it was amazing to see a piece of metal slowly taking the shape of a ring. After watching Dave hard at work, we were slightly peckish so off we went to Silverspoon in Silverstream for lunch and a cheeky espresso Martini for dessert.

We love a bit of thrill and plenty of adventure, so when I whispered 'go-karting' to Sam, her eyes lit up wider than when the waitress brought out her Espresso Martini. This is how I knew I was in the good books. 

We made our way to Daytona, debating wages for whoever lost. After 20 minutes of sweat inducing laps, Sam was victorious. And being true to my word, I owed her a nice cold beer from Boneface.

Bone Face Brewery Upper Hutt sam cheersing CREDIT Matt Burton v2
Bone Face Brewery Upper Hutt Game machines CREDIT Matt Burton
Daytona Raceway Upper Hutt Sam doing up her helmet CREDIT Matt Burton v2
Hikoikoi Frisbee Golf Lower Hutt throwing frisbee CREDIT Matt Burton
Small Batch Upper Hutt inside store CREDIT Matt Burton v2
Small Batch Upper Hutt friends drinking CREDIT Matt Burton

The next morning, we woke up to blue skies and not a lick of wind (which is very unlike Wellington!), so we dug out our discs and got a group together for a round of Disc Golf at Hikoikoi Reserve. Finally, something i'm good at!

We called into Small Batch for a bite and in good Hutt Valley fashion the owner of the cafe was super lovely. After we got chatting about all things nautical, they suggested we check out Shipwreck Trading in Seaview.

Small Batch Petone  Sam drinking CREDIT Matt Burton

We highly recommend the iced coffee and toasties at Small Batch

Because of the glowing recommendation, we trouped off to Shipwreck Trading where we quickly got lost in the amazing array of marine treasure. Admiring the restored items, vintage picnic baskets and shiny brass bells. 

We said goodbye to our friends in Seaview to head around the Bays. We try to get up Butterfly Creek at least once a week and this evening we managed to catch the sun setting over Wellington on the way down. What a weekend.

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