7 ways to lift your Christmas spirit in Jackson Street

Petone is the place to go to boost your Christmas spirits, with plenty of festive activities, events and shops

Get big brownie points by treating your someone special with a designer gift from Wanda Harland, Jewel or Trade Aid amongst others.

Wanda Harland looking at clothing rack

Stock up with everything you need for the big day at The Table, House of Knives, Scheckter's Deli, The Spice Rack and more – it’s a street sized pantry.

The Table blue crockery
Lluma women shopping

Luminate your home for your guests with exquisite candles from Lluma | The Candle Store.

The Chocolate Story owner Brett serving

The Chocolate Story is well stocked with Christmas themed tins and gifts - don't miss out on these premium bites!

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