How to soup in the Hutt

Winter is here and what better way to be comforted than with a bowl of your favourite soup made with local ingredients

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zany zeus halloumi

Create a creamy soup 

Bulk up your broth and give your soup a rich creamy taste by adding mascarpone from Zany Zeus loving crafted in Moera or for an international twist, taste test from a variety of New Zealand made cheese options at The Dutch Shop or Scheckter's Deli before picking something to melt on top.

Feature fresh vegetables

Making soup at home is an easy way to sneak in extra vegetable goodness. Highlight one or two vegetables from the Riverbank Market or the Naenae Village Market. The markets are open each Saturday and is the place for the freshest fruit and vegetables around, plus some other locally made products like honey and bread. 

riverbank market from above
Cameron Harrison Butchery platter

Add tender meats

For a hearty soup chock full of meat, a stop at the local butchers is a must. Source NZ meats at Cameron Harrison, Eastbourne Village Meats, Randwick Meats or Park Ave Quality Meats and stop for a chat with the butcher about the best cut of meat for your soup.


Spice up your soup

Move over salt and pepper, hello spices! Soup doesn't need to be bland and after visiting Spice Tree, The Spice Rack, Yans Supermarket or House of Spices for whole spices, your soup will be packing a nice kick or a subtle variety.

Scheckters Deli Niki and Katie browsing
Fix Federation sourdough loaves CREDIT Fix Federation

For the side dish

Knowing you have some soup in the fridge or freezer may be just what you need when impromptu visitors arrive. Throw together a side salad and duck out to grab a crusty loaf of bread from Fix Federation, FarrahsJanus Bakkerij, Little Bread Loaf, sourdough bread made in Naenae available at Commonsense Organics Lower Hutt or for something a bit different try out the original garlic & rosemary crackers at Super Seed Crackers.

Make your soup with quality local ingredients from these stores on the map

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Beat the winter blues with a hearty soup from participating cafes on the map.


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