Hardieboys Beverages

Hardieboys Beverages is a family owned and operated brewery in Wainuiomata producing a range of fermented "soft" drinks and freshly squeezed citrus juices

Hardieboys Rebecca Hardieboys with a glass of ginger beer




+64 21 647 528

Rebecca brews from a recipe adapted from her mum creating a healthy, fun, fizzy drink for her daughter led to the establishment of her business over 20 years ago.

Each week, in small handmade batches, she makes her nutritious, wholefood effervescent drinks using the ancient technique of a primary vat-fermentation, followed by more fermentation in the bottle.

Hardieboys bottles
Hardieboys dry ginger beer bottles

To preserve the most nutritional and probiotic value in their drinks Hardieboys do not pasteurise them. Like all fresh food they are perishable so are stored chilled until consumed. With raw ingredients (ginger root, yeast, citrus etc.) that are still alive, the fridge-life is very short. It takes a maximum of 3 weeks before the drinks are way too fizzy to open without losing most of the content! The very short list of ingredients on their label is only what you get in the bottle.

Grab yourself a bottle from cafes such as Seashore Cabaret, Miss Fortunes or Oli & Mi Kitchen. 

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