Greatest foodie hits in the Hutt

Food remind us of good times with friends and family. Join the journey of discovery for new dishes and chef favourites

Comes and Goes Niki and Katie having breakfast


The Vegan Hash is a staple amongst Petone locals - vegan or not! Cate and Jason developed a hash cake that stemmed from Cate's Irish love for potatoes and everything homemade.

Small Batch

Small Batch has recreated their classic housemade hash. With housemade hollandaise and a choice of bacon, salmon or even the vegan version, you can't go past the House Hash.

Seashore Cabaret

The Goodness Gracious Bowl has always been a great creative outlet for the Seashore Cabaret chefs as it changes regularly.

Oli & Mi

This cold-smoked salmon is a favourite dish as it hits all the flavour and texture notes and reflects their approach of modern fusion dining using local and seasonal produce.

Dirty Burger Cuba Street

Loved Dirty Burger, it was everything I dreamed of! Bread to burger content ratio was on point and I didn’t feel too full after smashing it back but just right! Definitely will be back to chomp through the menu.

Sunshine Darling about Dirty Burger


Rebecca and Mark are known for their pie's so they made an extra special one with their favourite Indian flavours.

Tartines French Café

A goat cheese salad is so popular one customer is such a regular she doesn't even need to let Tartines know that she wants this salad, she just smiles at the staff.

Tutaki Café

Sample smokey pork ribs created by the sous chef who was playing around with spices.

The Crooked Elm

What better concept for an English pub with Kiwi roots than the humble pie, elevated to a gourmet level? Meet PIE-THAGOROS!

Aston Norwood

High teas started three years ago at Aston Norwood and no they are a staple of the cafe.

Boneface Brewing

Smoked meat as f#*k pizza, enough said.

Tutaki cafe smokey ribs
Tartines goat cheese salad
Scheckters Deli reuben sandwich CREDIT FingeryFoodies

Had the Ruben sandwich at Scheckter's Deli and it was magnificent. Right down to the pickle which was just so tasty. I’ll have to get the pastrami on rye next time.

George Dimitrious George about Scheckter's Deli

La Bella Italia

Antonio Cacace shares the beauty of traditional, authentic Italian cuisine and products sourced from Italy at La Bella Italia.

Cake it Forward

Created in a 3am lightbulb moment, the top selling brownie is perfect with coffee. The sweetest part is with each treat, you help Bridget donate birthday cakes to kids with a parent in prison.

The Butcher and Brewer

With a focus on low and slow plus experimenting with cooking times, methods and spices, produced an instant hit - BBQ ribs with a depth of flavour.

Wholy Mac

Serious about making mac 'n' cheese great again.

Sweet Vanilla Kitchen pancakes CREDIT iamstill hungry

Sweet Vanilla Kitchen's hotcakes with berries is the kind of filling sweet meal that you can eat and go "that was delicious, I loved it, I don’t need to eat it again for a while” but I always end up ordering it when I pop in

Comedian James Nokise on Sweet Vanilla Kitchen

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