Your customers

Your business will rely on your customers. Make sure you know what they want and how to target them

Building your business for customers

Consider all aspects of your experience, it's not just about the price you'll charge

The little things matter, like visitors expectations of being able to book and pay for an experience from their phone in minutes or simply find your opening hours and location easily. 

Talk to us about advice on the tried and true in the tourism sector and how you could build an experience.

Taking care of our visitors is number one – so you’ll need to make sure you’ve planned for every eventuality. is a great go-to website (mainly for adventure based but equally so  any other business) for practical tools, templates and examples to help you manage safety. 

WorkSafe has guides on risk for several industry areas and legal guides like whether or not you’ll need a passenger endorsement to carry paying passengers.

Knowing your customer

Are you looking for information on who you should target?

Create personas that sum up your ideal customers. These fictional characters help you picture who you want to sell to, and how to attract them.

DGiT will show you which Kiwi leisure travellers you should target, when they want to visit, their motivation for travel, what else they want to do and their preferred type of accommodation. It’s free and simple to use, to help you boost the value you get from domestic visitors.

Explore insights and info on international markets targeted by Tourism New Zealand and tourism consumer research.

If you would like to talk anything over, please don't hesitate to reach out to the HuttValleyNZ team.

What you need to tell customers

Whether you sell online or in person, you must tell customers important information about your products or services — and how you conduct your business.

You might need to think about:

  • clear and legally safe sales agreements
  • your website and/or social media pages
  • online payment security
  • data collection and privacy rules
  • extended warranties.


Eight360 is a locally born virtual reality company which builds some of the most immersive motion simulator platforms in the world. With NOVA, which started out as a novelty product, they quickly identified there were gaps in the market for particular industries where simulator training was either unrealistic or simply did not exist. They realised their product had significant value proposition and turned their focus towards those markets.

Fast-forward a few years, and Eight360 have partnered with the New Zealand Defence Force supplying the NOVA for training in vehicles, and have opportunities lined up in both Australia and the USA in defence.

NOVA by Eight360 is truly a world-class product. Designed and manufactured locally, and engineered to solve a global issue - they know who their customer is and made the perfect solution for them.