Find resources to help your new business navigate funding and tricky tax requirements

Business loans

A good business idea needs funding to turn it into a great business.

Business loans are one way of securing funding. Securing that funding can be tricky so it is always best to turn up with a plan. Find out what lenders are looking for when you apply for a business loan.

Tax and accounting

Two scary words for someone new to business. There are many fantastic resources out there to help you learn.

The IRD has some great webinars with an introduction to business to learn about the different ways to structure your business, expenses you can claim, and how income tax and provisional tax works.

Learn about employer obligations and who needs to register as an employer, and what information must be recorded and how to send this to us.

In the IRD GST Workshop you can learn about who needs to register for GST, what GST is charged on, what information must be recorded and how to send this to us, and ceasing your GST registration.

Other funding available

Callaghan Innovation have released information on new grants available later in 2022 for innovative businesses that have a positive impact on the local economy. Find out more information and how to apply. have a handy directory of funding and grants available. See if your start up meets the criteria for any of the funds available.