Supporting employees

There are many useful resources to support a business in making a decision when employing someone


A cadetship programme can be a great way to grow the talent in your business and connect with your community. Te Puni KĊkiri can help make this possible for your business through support and funding.

Receive up to $10,000 per year per full-time cadet to contribute to the costs of training, development and mentoring.

Make your next hire a graduate

Every business manager knows how tight the labour market is right now, yet every year there are a large number of new grads looking for their next career step. This guide will help you attract talent and bring creative new thinking into your business.

Graduates can offer fresh ideas and perspectives to your business. Make your next hire a graduate.



What to know if you're hiring migrant workers

Hiring workers from overseas can be a great growth strategy as they bring new skills and perspectives into your business.

The visa/hiring process can be tricky though so it is best to consult Immigration NZ before you make your next step.

Employers have responsibilities and obligations when it comes to hiring a migrant worker. They must work within New Zealand's immigration and labour laws.