Lower Hutt

Information on building and resource consents, district plan changes, alcohol licences, signage and more in Lower Hutt

Adding signs

The Lower Hutt District Plan has an in-depth guide on signage for both commercial and residential areas.

The majority of signage rules are considered permitted activities - these don't need resource consent but must still meet any conditions in the District Plan.

See District Plan Chapter 14B 2.1 for rules on signage

Lower Hutt District Plan

Alcohol licencing

There are strict conditions around alcohol licencing in Lower Hutt City. Find information on the different types of alcohol licences, and how to apply.

Different types licences:

  • ON - allows consumption of alcohol on premises
  • OFF - allows for alcohol to be purchased on site for consumption off site - i.e a bottlestore etc
  • CLUB - licence for sports clubs, RSA's, and other sorts of clubs

Change the conditions of your alcohol licence.

Apply for a manager's certificate.

 Check what they cost.

Building and resource consents

Find out where and how to apply for a building or resource consent, and learn whether the changes you want to make need consent.

Find out the Council process and the types of work needing a building consent.

Find out what you need to apply, and what kind of work needs resource consent from the Council.

Do you need a building consent?

Use this handy guide to help you find out.

Remember, it is always best to check with your local council for the current regulations.

Council may by resolution set aside, designate or reserve any road, part of a road or any piece of land owned or controlled
by Council, asĀ operation mobility parking spaces.

Hutt City Council Traffic Bylaw 2017 2.2(b)(ii)


Bylaws are rules made by local councils which affects the public, orders something to be done, or something not to be done.

Read the list of bylaws at Hutt City Council.

Change of use

The district plan guides what you can use land for and where. The Hutt City Council recognises changes are required for economic growth of the city.

District plans are frequently reviewed and you are also able to request a change to the district plan.

Check out what is zoned and where on the map below

Lower Hutt District Plan Map

Health and safety

Businesses must follow strict health and safety rules as set out by law. Keep up to date with the latest health and safety and see if you need to make changes to comply.

Use Worksafe's quick reference guide to establish your responsibilities when it comes to the Health and Safety at Work Act.