Insights and data

$250 million was spent by visitors in the year to September 2019 to Lower Hutt and $50 million in Upper Hutt. Just over two-thirds of that spend is from kiwis and a third from international visitors

Stock image insights and data credit Lucas

We can drill down further by looking at:

  • Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates have expenditure figures for regions and cities, showing where the spend is from and broad categories of spend back to 2009. Easiest to look at in the MRTE Insights Viewer (choose "TA" instead of "region" to see each city's data).
  • The Commercial Accommodation Monitor tells about overnight stays - including guest nights, capacity and occupancy rates with data going back more than 10 years. *Data was published for the last time in November 2019 and MBIE are taking some urgent action towards reinstating an enhanced data gathering exercise from next year.
  • We subscribe to AirDNA which gives us monthly overnight stay insights from our 300+ airbnb providers.
  • The International Visitor Survey measures the spend, behaviours and types of international visitors to New Zealand. 
  • We also subscribe to Marketview electronic card retail spending data reports that detailed origin of spend per day in broad areas of each city across many retail categories. We can use this to measure the impact of an event or look at longer term trends.

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