Top tips from the tourism sector livestream

James Lamb reflects on the top tips from the WellingtonNZ hosted tourism sector livestream.

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Listening in to the great tourism business tips presented by tourism leaders around our region gave us a checklist of approaches and tips relevant to many other business as we move in to new times. 

Here's my top ten takeaways from the wise words of Jake Downing from Weta Workshop, Steve Martin from James Cook Hotel and Hamish Mexted at Convex. 

  1. "Put on your own oxygen mask first, then you can help others and your business." Just like the travel metaphor it's important to remember to look after you first. You are a great leader to others when you invest in yourself.
  2. "Know what Alert Level you can open at so you can think about timelines, what you'll need and how you'll operate. "Be ready when the gun goes off, so you're able to operate from the the first day possible"
  3. "Understand what your skills you have in your team" - is anyone a photographer, know how to make a video, is a really great talker... "what else could you deliver with your resources?"
  4. "How might you deliver an existing product or new product at each stage of covid19nz alert level or recovery stage?" Bubble tourism market is now, local market will  be returning next, then domestic and international much later on.
  5. "Don't expect the same returns in your pricing in the new post-Covid19 world." What is your minimal viable revenue? Don't discount! Hold your price + explain to customers the value of any extra experience you can offer, that doesn't necessarily cost you much more.
  6. What are your tourism business success measure beyond the usual bums on seats and volume numbers game? Think about the wider social value of your offering or keeping yours as a sustained / sustainable business.
  7. He waka eke noa - we are all in this together - Jake Downing says "now is the time for joined hands" as tourism operators and communities - and as we collectively put Wellington and New Zealand back on the map.
  8. "Feelings. Facts. Fix it." It's a brilliant leadership mantra / conversation approach for tough times talking to staff, guests (or for me: my kids) from Steve Martin. IN short: it's about acknowledging feelings, talking facts, looking at scenarios and taking action together.
  9. As we move fast and make lots of decisions in a new environment "take time to record your decisions and why." You'll find these useful resource to fall back on as you go forward.
  10. "We've all been wishing for time to work ON our business not IN it, so let's embrace this opportunity" Kia kaha, look after yourself and reach out if you need a hand.

Watch the full tourism business resiliency livestream replay hosted by WellingtonNZ below.


James Lamb is Hutt City Council's city promotion manager supporting tourism businesses in to this new world.

Top tips from the tourism sector livestream