Billy’s Apple

The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, Wellington Region

THU 22 MAR 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

In 1962, Barrie Bates bleached his hair and eyebrows with Lady Clairol Instant Creme Whip and changed his name to Billy Apple. The image of the apple has since become a recurring motif for the artist, and has been reproduced in both sculptural and printed works.

The exhibition Billy’s Apple looks at personal branding and the construction of identity; the words, symbols, objects and images that we use to represent ourselves. Contemporary forms of communication, media and popular culture mean that our online profile is now as important as physical appearance and personality—though these do not always align.

Billy’s Apple presents works from The Dowse collection that engage with issues around gender, identity and representation, including works by Billy Apple, Richard Killeen, John Lake, Gina Matchitt, Reuben Paterson, Stephen Rowe, Sofia Tekela-Smith and Gordon Walters.