Hidden creatures

From seals to weta, the Hutt Valley has a treasury of hidden creatures for you to find

Please remember, these are living things. Always act respectfully and carefully around them. Never approach a seal and if you see a kiwi or tuatara, never attempt to touch or catch it. Take photos and make memories.


At the end of Wainuiomata’s rugged and wild Coast Road you’ll find the region's largest New Zealand fur seal colony. Take care and never approach a seal. They are large and unpredictable.

Glow worms

Glow worms are quite the natural wonder, their shining lures remeniscent of the stars in the sky. To find some explore the tracks on the Western Hills at night (always take a torch and warm clothes). You should be able to find them on almost any overhanging bank on the side of the track. Percy's Scenic Reserve also has a weta and glow worm cave to explore.


The icon of the New Zealand people, the Kiwi, is now running wild in the Hutt Valley. A population of North Island Brown kiwi has been released into the Rimutaka Forest Park, along with some intensive pest control. If you stay overnight in the Orongorongo Valley you may not be able to see them, but you will probably be able to hear them.


Head over to Matiu / Somes Island for a chance to see into the past. Tuatara belong to an ancient order of reptiles and were re-introduced to the island in 1998. A small tuatara, probably only a few months old, was photographed by visitors to the island in 2010, showing that the population is now breeding.


Weta are an ancient and spectacular insect and there are many opportunities to spot them in the Hutt Valley. The Wellington Tree Weta is found in most backyards and bush areas. You will most likely hear it's distinct rasping noise during the night, and you'll be able to find the large stripy insect amongst dead branches or wood piles and in rose bushes. Even more spectacular is the Cook Straight giant weta which can grow up to 7 centimetres long. These guys can be found on Matiu / Somes Island.