some great opportunities for 'bumping' and 'jumping'.

One of the benefits of living in the 'Roaring Forties' is the high chance of good windsurfing weather. Along with great weather, the Hutt Valley also has two premium windsurfing spots for you to take your board out and play.

The Wellington Windsurfing Association has some great advice on where and when to go, and they run regular competitions and events.

Local Favourites

Petone Beach

This is a great place to windsurf, especially if you aren't ready for really big waves, and it suits everyone from beginners to experts. Petone is best during a southerly wind, and you'll be in for some fun bump and jump if the wind gets strong!


is great for all levels of expertise. There are no real waves, but on the right day you can get some steep chop or rolling swells for jumping. Eastbourne is great in a northerly, and the southerly can make it really smooth, great for freestyling. There's great parking and a grassy spot for rigging or spectators.