Day out with Dad

A dozen ways out with Dad or your favourite guy this weekend. Father's Day can be any time of the year... go slow, go wild or get crafty at over 1000°C!


Pack a man-picnic and a megastrami sandwich and deli morsels from On Trays Food Emporium or Guiseppe's - Flavours of the Mediterranean and head to Pencarrow Lighthouse by pedal power - or try an e-bike to sow the kids some pedalling magic! Admire the views with a locally brewed drink.



Build a waterfront bach with driftwood, brought to life at Petone Beach or the wild Burdan's Gate at the end of Muritai Road, Eastbourne - also a top spot for stone skimming competitions!



Release your inner blacksmith and forge your own knife under intense heat with a Stackhouse Knives workshop. Learn as you go to forge, grind, sand, treat the blade, customise your handle and learn to sharpen your blade before taking it home to slice those pesky tomatoes.



Zoom past Dad in a racing duel – piloting a 6.5hp 200cc EVO6 go-kart. Race around the 300 metre indoor Daytona Raceway, and stay on for a best of 3 with on-site paintball and mini-golf.



There’s nothing quite like an open fire under the stars. Campfires are permitted at Kaitoke Regional Park on the river bed and away from camping sites – just get the park ranger’s permission before lighting a fire. Or get away from it all and book a hut in the Orongorongo Valley for the ultimate back country weekend.



Dad can sit back and relax with a supply of never-ending slow-roasted meat. At the all you can eat Gaucho's Churrasco BBQ Argentenian eatery, you grab sides from the buffet while staff bring him slow-roasted meat on skewers. You'll need to book!



Tame the forces of nature with the Kiwi tradition of damming a stream at Catchpool Valley or Dry Creek. Plus throw in a waterfall hunt to finish with a cheeky head dunk!



Race Dad to the top of the hill and see the view first. Climb up to the fort at Poto Road Reserve or rise up the smooth consistent Te Whiti Riser track. Afterwards feel the rush on the flying foxes of Avalon Park or Harcourt Park and continue exploring the adventure playgrounds.



Dad can show off his muscle might at HangDog Indoor Rock Climbing. Who'll be first to hang upside down on 14m walls and overhangs? Or try to out-throw him playing forceback at McEwen Park.


Conquer the hill and imagine life in the WWII ammunition bunkers of Belmont Regional Park.  Explore abandoned stores, see if anyone lands at the airstrip or just enjoy the views to Kapiti and Kaikoura.


Grab the bikes, the picnic and a blanket for some riverside racing action. You'll often see enthusiasts meet up regularly in good weather to race model power boats around the river near Sladden Park, Petone. Or race up the Hutt River Trail and reward tired legs with a train ride to return back home!



Stand outside on a moving carriage behind a steam locomotive at Silver Stream Railway - where you're more than likely land a fine touch of magic coal soot for the full experience!


Bonus dozen..

Even more to add to your checklist: