Zany Zeus

A family-operated boutique cheese making operation, specialising in handcrafted cheeses

Zany Zeus’ famous organic cheeses, milk, cream and cultured products are used in cafés across Wellington and you’ll find them at any of the regions Moore Wilson’s too.  A shop visit is best so you can taste the ice cream, feta and smoked brinza yourself. Head to Randwick Road, Moera where there are always samples out and the cabinet is full of food. The ultimate indulgence here is an affogato with dark Ghana ice-cream or a thick milkshake.

  • Shop online, they’ll deliver to all major towns and cities.  
  • Traditional open vat techniques used to make the cheeses
  • The perfect gift, Zany Zeus products and gift vouchers will be appreciated by anyone

149 Randwick Road
Lower Hutt

Telephone: +64 4 589 7316