On Trays

When you walk into On Trays, you will be greeted with a cup of Revive coffee and a smile.

Order a sandwhich made fresh on the spot or browse around the shop which caters to a wide variety of ethnicities. 

Stocked with well known South African foods such as biltong, boerewors and Ouma Rusks, you'll see why On Trays is locally known as the South African shop! You'll soon notice the shelves are full of food from all over the globe.

  • Food and wine tastings most Saturdays
  • In-house specialist for wedding cheesecakes
  • Platters for any size, style or budget


38 Fitzherbert Street

Telephone: +64 4 939 9925


Email: admin@ontrays.co.nz  
Website: ontrays.co.nz