Hardieboys Ginger Beer

A fresh drop for a hot day

Way back in 1991 Rebecca Hardie Boys was visiting her Mum, who was trying out making ginger beer. Rebecca tried it, and liked it! She started making the drink from her mothers recipe (plus a few alterations) for her children, but when a friend who also happened to own a restaurant tried it, he wanted to supply it to his customers. The rest is, as they say, history.

Rebecca brews and bottles her ginger beer and other fermented drinks in an old, repurposed warehouse on the outskirts of Wainuiomata.

She insists on using ingredients grown in New Zealand (other than the fresh ginger, which doesn't grow here). The drink is not carbonated, but gets its fizz from the natural fermentation process, and it's not pasteurised. This means whenever you buy a bottle of Hardieboys, you are getting a fresh and wholesome product made right here in Lower Hutt from local ingredients.

  • Drinks include ginger beer and brewed lemonade
  • Keep a look out for Hardieboys drinks in cafés and restaurants
  • Preservative free